This list is ever evolving, our most up to date product list can often be found on Facebook along with updates of new stock arriving.

Pantry staples prices per 100g
Apricots 44P
Basmati Rice 24p
Bran Flakes (WHEAT BARLEY) 29P
Chopped Mixed Nuts (NUTS PEANUTS) 56P
Cous Cous (GLUTEN WHEAT) 24P
Demerara Sugar 23P
Icing sugar 12p
Muesli Fruity (GLUTEN OATS WHEAT) 20P
pasta penne white WHEAT 23P
Plain Flour WHEAT GLUTEN 10p
Popcorn 18P
Porridge Oats GLUTEN 15P
Pudding Rice (White) 27P
Pumpkin Seeds 54P
Raisins (Seedless Turkish) 40P
Red Lentils 21P
Rice Crispies BARLEY 22P
Self Raising Flour WHEAT GLUTEN 10p
soup and broth mix BARLEY CELERY GLUTEN 19P
sage and onion stuffing WHEAT BARLEY 29P
Parboiled, Easy Cook Rice 17P

Herbs and spices (per 25g)
Cajun Spice 18p
Chick Peas 22P
Chilli Powder 15p
Garam Masala 19p
Ground Cinnamon 19p
Curry Powder 14p
Mixed Herbs 19p
Mixed Spice 17p
Paprika 14p

Drinks and Tea
Harry’s Hot Chocolate 300g tub £5 (Milk, White, Orange, Mint or Dark)
Harry’s Hot Choc Powder Refill £1.20 per 100g
Assam Breakfast Tea £1.40 per 100g

Variety of lose Teas available in store.

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