This list is ever evolving, our most up to date product list can often be found on Facebook along with updates of new stock arriving.

If you are visiting the shop please bring your containers and jars, ensuring they are washed and ready to use.

Pre orders will be packed in donated bottles, jars or paper bags. All plastic bottles used have been donated and thoroughly washed to avoid any cross contamination whilst we still live in these risky times of Covid-19. We encourage you to return these bottles for future use. Recommend sizes are 500ml or 1L for deliveries and pre orders.

Dishwasher powder
£4.50 500g

White vinegar
20p per 100ml

Washing Up Liquid
30p per 100ml

Hand Wash
60p per 100ml

Fabric Conditioner
30p per 100ml

Laundry Detergent (Non Bio)
45p per 100ml

Glass Cleaner
22p per 100ml

All Purpose Cleaner (Anti Bacterial)
34p per 100ml

Toilet Cleaner
34p per 100ml

50p per 100ml

50p per 100ml

Body wash and bubble bath
75p per 100ml

Disinfectant Hand Rub
£2.20 inc 100ml spray bottle
£1.17 per 100ml

Pick n Mix bath bombs 3 for £5
Large bathbombs £3
Soap bars £2.50
Scrub exfoliating bars £2.50
Toothpaste tablets 1 month £4.50
Bamboo toothbrush kids £2.50
Bamboo toothbrush adults £2.50

Friendly Soap Bars
Shampoo Bars £2.75
Conditioner bars £4.95
Shaving bars £2.75
Cleansing bars £2.75
Soap bars (various) £2.75
Storage tins £4.50
Wooden soap dish £3.50

Friendly bamboo soap rack £4.25
Recycled glass spray bottle £5
EcoLiving dish washing brushes £6
EcoLiving dish brush head £2.20
Loofaco washing up pad 2 pack £4.74
Loofaco cleaning pad £2.90
Loofaco Body scrubber £2.75
Bamboo cotton buds £2.49
Biork deodorant £12
Ocean Savers Kitchen £1.50
Ocean Savers Bathroom £1.50
Natural Wax Melts £1.10
Bees Wax Wraps 3 pack £10
Tea diffuser balls £2.50
Tea diffusing Tea Pot £10
Natural Make up remover £8

Fetch It Dog Bags £1.50

Bath, Bubble and Beyond Shampoo Bar (various) £3.50

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